Saturday, May 23, 2009

Behind The White Love

Behind the white love
Is a grey plain lady
I hate grey, numb
What a lame taste

I want some bright colour
Sweet and charm
But the truth...Im grey
No matter how hard I try to denial

In the other hand, Im just a boring girl
With serious facial expression and thought
Think deeply in everything
But love music and easyly dream away

Love to judge people(thats relly a bad habit of mine)
Who do not know how to show her feeling
Who do not know how to express the emotion
At the end get hurt and mad...

Life is a risk
But I hate to take a risk
that why my life is grey and dull
Everything just black and white
The colour that bring grey...boring, hopeless, phathetic

Could somebody read my mind
And tell me what I really want
What should I do to get what I want
Coz i really don't know bout it
Even sometime I don't know who I am....

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